British Manufacturing Plant Constructors Association
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Equipment & Services

Equipment supplied by members of BMPCA includes:

  • Blast furnace and other Ironmaking equipment
  • Steel melting furnaces
  • Continuous casting machines
  • Hot rolling mills
  • Cold rolling mills
  • Thin foil rolling mills
  • Process lines for annealing and pickling
  • Process lines for surface coating
  • Drawing machines for wire and bright bar
  • Inspection units for shape, width, thickness and surface quality
  • Product tracking
  • Automation systems for steel and aluminium manufacturing
  • Battery manufacture
  • Carbon capture and storage equipment

BMPCA members also offer technical and engineering services to companies involved in a wide variety of manufacturing industries such as:

  • Maintenance of engineering equipment both on-site and off-site
  • Installation services for machinery in steelworks and aluminium producers
  • Consultancy on process technology for metals production
  • In situ machining for a wide variety of metal components and machinery
  • Process control and Automation of a wide variety of plant and equipment
  • Fabrications for renewable and nuclear energy, mining, defence etc
  • Plant and equipment for the production of batteries, carbon capture and storage etc

List of Useful Association Contacts

Aluminium Federation (ALFED)
The trade association representing the UK aluminium industry, from the primary sector through to the end-user and recycling sectors.

British Industrial Furnace Constructors Association (BIFCA)
Trade association representing the interests of leading UK furnace and component suppliers.

British Stainless Steel Association (BSSA)
Promotes the use of stainless steel by UK manufacturers and users whilst providing technical support and advice on the material and its applications.

British Turned Parts Manufacturers Association (BTMA)
Website includes comprehensive buyers guide.

Cast Metals Federation (CMF)
Incorporating the British Foundry Association, British Investment Casting Association and British Metal Casting Association, this is the single trade body for the UK casting industry representing "the Best in British Casting".

Confederation of British Metalforming (CBM)
Incorporates British Metalforming Trades Association and Confederation of British Forgers (including BIFF and BIFA)

Copper Development Association (CDA)

Department of Trade & Industry (DTI)

European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA)

FI Sourcing
The UK's largest marketplace for custom-manufactured parts; a simple and effective way to source new suppliers.

Gauge and Toolmakers Association (GTMA)
Trade association representing toolmaking, metrology, precision machining, rapid product development & tooling technologies.

Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IoM3)
Professional body for materials scientists and engineers incorporating the Materials Information Service on materials selection.

Institute of Metal Finishing (IMF)
Professional organisation for individuals, consultants and companies active in the field of surface engineering and surface technology.

Metal Treating Institute (MTI)
North America's "CHTA"

Resurrected version of the "gateway to impartial advice on surface engineering".

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